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Public Opinion

Me and My FriendsPublic Opinion. What is more dangerous than that?
It’s like a two-bladed knife, it can make you flew or threw
It can change fact to slander
It can make a mistake just as a righteousness
It can screw you with million correction
It can make you fall, wounded, and cry
It can wash your brain until the one left there is just hesitate and prejudice
It also can make your life full of suspicion and hand down thought
It also can kill you, kill your character as it seems to be.

So, what more dangerous than that? There’s nothing.

Because it like a snake in the grass.
Settle in silence and wait for you to careless, and then kill you. Kill your character of course, as just said before!

Why is it so dangerous??
because it make them think just from one side. It doesn’t give space for the ‘guilty’ subject to clarify and give explanation. It also doesn’t give us forgiveness. Never.

Then, it will make trouble as a tangled yarn that will never be ravelled. It fetters you continously as an ingrained burden. It never stops blowing a destroyer storm. Let them trapped in never ending unconciousness. Make them always ignited without knowing what actually happened. Never stops make them inflame.

From Arini Arlies

Thank’s friend! ^o^



Setiap kata adalah aku.. ..dan rangkaian mereka adalah yang menjadikanku. Something I couldn't -wouldn't- tell about. Something I wish to be understood. Not me, clearly. My words.

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