Beginning ~The Contradiction~


Wouldn’t it be traumatized enough to know that you had been in the same circle all this time, but you are the only one who hadn’t felt the same or given the same feeling? 

Like you had been ostracized from the people who you love just because you had been different. But you didn’t even know what happened -why it felt different– and they didn’t even know that those things were happening to you.

Because you didn’t or couldn’t tell that it hurted you to not feel the same, it hurted to receive something different, to not receive the thing at all.

Wouldn’t it be enough reason to tell that this traumatized you in a way that couldn’t –shouldn’t– be healed faster? and they keep asking when.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Welcome to my blog, lad and gent! Selamat datang, selamat pagi, siang, sore, malam… don’t get wrong ideas after reading text above, this isn’t always that bad. Saya cuma mau bilang, selamat bereksplorasi ria, semoga bertemu dengan tulisan yang menurut anda bagus, indah, cantik, dan bisa membawa anda masuk kedalam dunia saya…

Untuk memudahkan surfing anda semua, klik saja beberapa tag di “To Be Simple” box. atau… directly to something I am so confident about.. –> Menuju Puisi


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